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Bot battles waged. Creator's haven defended.

Safeguard your YouTube community. Say goodbye to bot, scam, and troll comments with our YouTube comments cleaner.

90% + Accuracy

Detect Scams

Safer Community

Protect your community

Dont give the devil room to play! Detect harmful bots and trolls promoting scams, spamming malicious content, and self-promotion amidst a growing swarm of bot activity.


PS. It's estimated a whopping 64% of the internet is made up by bots! 


What We Offer

Utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to not only detect malicious bot comments and threatening behaviour, but also to remove it all! Let us do the work for you.

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Over 95% Detection Accuracy 

Our platform boasts over 95% accuracy in detecting bot comments on your videos, ensuring authentic and engaging online conversations.

cartoon data analytics

All-In-One Solution

Gain insights into your true viewers with our in-depth comment analysis. We detect and remove bot-like comments, so you can focus on quality content without the hassle.

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Comprehensive Customer Support

Access our comprehensive customer support to ensure that your experience is hassle-free. Reach out to us anytime, and we'll be there to help you out.

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Smart Automation Tools

Our specialised algorithm executes regularly to detect bot-like comments and ensure that new comments are genuine. 

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

As bots and trolls continue to infiltrate online communities, our startup offers creators a safe haven to defend their communities against these threats, ensuring their community members can engage in authentic and meaningful interactions without the fear of being attacked, scammed or undermined.


Full Automation

Reliable & Accurate

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How It Works

Begin the journey of Bot-Busting!

Say goodbye to bot-like comments and hello to a safer, spam-free, and authentic online community with our platform. Our advanced algorithms and services ensure that your viewers' comments are genuine, fostering stronger relationships and authentic conversations. Sign up now and experience the benefits of a smarter, safer, and more engaging YouTube community.

  • Best Value

    Premium Protection

    Every month
    This is recommended for larger YouTube Channels
    • Spam Detection
    • Analyse up to 60,000 comments
    • Full Automation
    • *AI Detector (ideal for investment & finance channels)
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