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How It Works

Welcome to our automated YouTube comment cleaning service! Our application is designed to help you manage and maintain a clean comment section on your YouTube channel. By connecting your YouTube account and subscribing to our plans, you can benefit from our specialized algorithms that detect and remove bot and scam comments. In this guide, we will explain the process and features of our service.

Step 1: Purchase a Plan:


To get started, choose a suitable subscription plan that fits your needs. We offer different plans with varying levels of features and comment processing capacities. Select a plan based on the number of comments you want to process and if you are a financial/investment-based YouTube channel, whether you will like to include the advanced scam detection.

Step 2: Connect Your YouTube Account:


After purchasing a plan, ensure that your YouTube account is connected to our application. This step is crucial as it allows our system to access your YouTube channel and retrieve the most recent comments for processing. We prioritize user privacy and ensure that all connections and data transfers comply with YouTube's API guidelines.

Step 3: Automated Comment Processing:


Once your YouTube account is connected, our application will automatically retrieve the most recent comments on your channel. The number of comments processed depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. Our specialized algorithms analyse each comment individually to detect potential bot and scam behaviour.

Step 4: Bot and Scam Detection:


Our algorithms employ advanced techniques to identify comments that exhibit bot or scam characteristics. We utilize a combination of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and machine learning models specifically trained to detect fraudulent behaviour in YouTube comments. For advanced plans, we have additional algorithms tailored specifically to financial/investment-based YouTube channels.

Step 5: Scam Detection (Advanced Plans Only):


If you have subscribed to our advanced plans, our system goes beyond bot detection and applies sophisticated algorithms to identify potential scams related to financial and investment advice. These algorithms analyse comment content, context, and patterns to identify suspicious and misleading information. This feature is particularly useful for channel owners focused on finance-related content.

Step 6: Comment Removal:


After the analysis and detection process is complete, our application automatically removes the identified bot and scam comments from your YouTube channel. This ensures that your comment section remains clean and trustworthy for your viewers. We handle the comment removal process seamlessly, allowing you to focus on creating valuable content for your audience.



Our automated YouTube comment cleaning service provides an efficient and hassle-free solution for managing comment sections on your YouTube channel. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we detect and remove bot and scam comments, ensuring a safe and authentic community for your viewers. With optional advanced plans, we offer specialized scam detection for financial/investment-based YouTube channels. Join us today and experience the benefits of a clean and secure YouTube comment section.

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